Is Language Learning in the Genes?

Language Learning Genes

Is Language Learning in the Genes? Learning a second language is an important skill in the modern world. However, quantifying the speed and ease with which someone will develop their skills is difficult, depending on a variety of different factors. The time that it takes to learn a new language, and the difficulty that the Read More »

Can Mobile Apps Help You Learn a Language?

mobile language learning app

The development of digital technology has impacted upon every aspect of modern life. This includes the way in which we learn languages, with lots of developments in the industry coming in the last decade.  From instant translation software to language learning apps, entrepreneurs, techs and educators are constantly trying to develop new ways for language Read More »

Three Foreign Exchange Preparation Tips for Parents

foreign exchange planning

Foreign exchange trips and the language immersion opportunities that they provide can help a child develop their social, cultural, and language skills. However, sending a child on a language exchange can be a worrying and stressful experience for parents; they are, after all, sending their child hundreds if not thousands miles away from home to Read More »

Why Language Immersion Works

Language Immersion

Language immersion is a powerful tool that can significantly aid in the language development of both children and adults. Language immersion is when a learner spends time in a country where the language they are studying is the native language, thereby immersing themselves into the language and the culture by speaking only the target language. Read More »

Peace of Mind & the Importance of Host Family Feedback

Language Feedback host feedback.

The Lingoo platform allows parents to find the language immersion holiday/exchange that is perfectly suited to them and their child. The Lingoo platform consists of two distinct services, one for parents looking to organise a language exchange with a family from another country, and one for those looking for a homestay language host. This blog Read More »

How Language Learning Can Change Perspectives

foreign language perspective

Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding experiences someone can undertake. This is because learning a language involves much more than simply learning the mechanisms of understand and being understood in a foreign language. Language learning is a process that may ultimately lead to a new skill, and to greater opportunities Read More »

Three Examples of The Power of Language Immersion

The phrase Words Have Power  on a Blackboard

People learn languages at many different stages of their lives, for many different reasons that are unique to the individual. Whatever the nature or reason language for the journey a learner embarks upon, language immersion is a powerful tool in their development. Language immersion can take different forms: from those thrust into a foreign environment Read More »